Best Interior Designers Kolkata Explain Ways to Add Warmth Living Rooms
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The Best Interior Designers in Kolkata Explain Ways to Add Warmth in Living Rooms

As per the best interior designers in Kolkata, living rooms as such where we live or spend most of the time. It is where the family members gather and watch television together and also relaxes a bit. Unfortunately, many families in Kolkata have changed this concept and thinks that they are rooms where the guests are to be entertained. This concept has made them leave their living rooms vacant for most of the time and for which it gets colder. This blog will guide you through five essential steps through which you can get the idea of adequately utilizing your living rooms and also making it warmer in this winter season.

  1. Colour that the Right Way

The best interior designers in Kolkata say that colours are an essential thing when you are planning to design your living rooms the right way. Most of us think that adding the right toned/shades to the walls is everything, but the same thing applies to the fabrics/furniture items as well. Using a combination of yellow colour and beige and adding orange accents or red colour for highlighting works the best in most of the cases.

  1. Use Proper Lighting Solutions

The ideal lighting condition will be if you integrate both natural and artificial lights into your living rooms. The sunrays will always make your living rooms warm and cosy – while the artificial lights will comply with aesthetically friendly features. You can also use scented candles, a well-designed lamp and a fireplace – that can add on the additional warmth to your living rooms.

  1. Combination of Flora & Fauna

Some of the expert home interior designers in Kolkata says that a combination of plants and scented flowers make the perfect combination for living rooms. It brings back the living rooms to life and also complies with the aesthetic features. Using scented flowers and plants like cactus or others is mostly recommended for them.

  1. Wooden Works

There is hardly anything warmer than wood. Hence it is always recommended to use wooden items into your living rooms. Using wooden furniture items like a coffee table, false wooden ceilings and high quality wooden high back chairs will serve the purpose of maintaining warmth into your living rooms.

  1. Furniture Items

It is recommended to get rid of your stiff chairs without cushions and replace that with plush armchairs with comfy couches that can take your sitting to the next level. Use sitting arrangements that can make you comfortable and relaxes your spine. Do not forget that your main idea is to make your living rooms the way you can live in them. Hence, you need to choose quality over quantity and comfortable living than abundance. You can use comfy couches and add pillows behind your sitting. Also, adding attractive rugs on the floors are more likely to increase the aesthetic features – said by the best living room designers in Kolkata.