The Best Interior Designers in Kolkata Shares the Use of Onyx Marble
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The Best Interior Designers in Kolkata Shares the Use of Onyx Marble in Decoration

The best interior designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors says that many naturally formed stones come very handy in interior design and decoration. However, some of them are very costly, for which the middle-class families in Kolkata cannot afford them. As a solution to these, interior design companies like Spectrum Interiors has introduced providing a solution using “Onyx Marble” – which is a close variant of Onyx stone.


Image: Honey Onyx Marble (Used by Interior Design Companies in Kolkata)

Onyx is a naturally formed, fine-grained and beautiful stone which has gorgeous design patterns and have different colours like yellow, green, black, white, red, etc. It is also regarded as a unique stone, for it has rich layers/veining that forms naturally. In case you are looking for a high-end and luxurious stone for decorating your houses, the best interior designers in Kolkata says that Onyx is your go-to stone. The main reasons for using Onyx in your homes are given below:

  1. Onyx is one of the rarest stone available and also the most exotic one – that’s why the cost of Onyx stone is higher than marbles or granites. Their naturalist feature makes them look quite different than others and also provides a posh appearance. Typically, Onyx is a soft/fragile material; that’s why they should always be used for areas which are not subjected to very rough use.


  1. This stone is a stand out among others for it has a translucent feature which is not found in any other pocket-friendly stone. This means that it glows when provided light from behind. However, installing them without backlighting quality is also not uncommon. For installing backlights in Onyx, a LED light source is planted behind them, so that they can glow when the lights are on. This not only beautifies the room but also provides a decent light source to the places as well.


  1. The use of Onyx can also be extended for different kinds of vertical/horizontal surfaces like for kitchen countertops, for floorings and backsplashes. However, the best interior designer in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors also suggests that for sinks, making lamps, bathroom slabs, etc.


  1. The best use of the Onyx applies to the entrance areas of the houses – that adds an extra eye-catching feature. Such type of sites includes living rooms, sinks for bathrooms, entrance lobbies, etc. Typically, Onyx is combined with materials like glass, stainless steel and dark wood.


  1. Onyx stone is available in different types of colours and different patterns as well like Honey Onyx, White Tiger Onyx, Green Onyx, White Crystal Onyx, etc. Other variants of Onyx provide various types of looks for the houses, and that’s why they are highly recommended these days. Typically, the low graded Onyx stone ranges between INR 1200 to INR 1700 per square feet and the high graded ones (which the best interior designers in Kolkata provide) ranges between INR 2000 to INR 2700 per square feet.

Honey-Onyx-Stone-Sinks Honey-Onyx-Sinks

Importance of Onyx in Vastu Shastra

In Vastu-Shastra, the North-Eastern corner of the houses is mainly regarded as the most sacred point, and it is believed that Gods enter your home through the same. Hence, it is always advisable to avoid placing bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms in North-Eastern direction.

However, if cases arise where the bedrooms/kitchens/bathrooms are already placed in the North-eastern direction, then according to Onyx is your rescue item. Some of the best Vastu consultants in Kolkata like Shri Indraraj Priyam, says that “Honey Onyx” when placed in the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, tends to counter-attack the negatives vibes and helps you in providing positive energy to yourself. Apart from that, Onyx has also astrological significance which comes into good effect – in case you embed them into your houses.

Tips for Maintaining Onyx

As Onyx stone is a very delicate one, it is often recommended to maintain them properly, so that they can restore their natural features. Some of the maintenance tips are given below:

– Clean that with plain soap and avoid using acids for they tend to erode the surface of them. 

– For scrubbing purpose, it is always recommended to use plain dry clothes. Removing the soap is also recommended to be used with dry clothes as well.

– Last but not least, it is advisable to perform re-sealing of the stone every year.

Tip for Installing Onyx Stone

Onyx stone has high fragility feature. Hence there is a perfect chance of the same to get break down quickly. Therefore, taking the help of professional interior design and decoration companies are highly recommended. Professionals can handle them properly, cut them to size, and install them like the way you have always wanted.