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Top 5 Home Gym Design Ideas By Interior Decorator In Kolkata
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Top 5 Home Gym Design Ideas By Interior Decorator In Kolkata

Staying active implies staying happy and less susceptible to lifestyle illnesses, according to the new-age slogan. According to research, even 15 minutes of regular exercise could have a significant impact on your physique. If you could carve out an hour every day from your hectic schedule, you would be in excellent condition in no time. Unfortunately, commercial gyms are sweat-stained and busy, and you’ll seldom obtain a schedule that fits you. Aside from that, they charge exorbitantly for their services.

Would you like to set up your home gym? Work out whenever it’s convenient for you and get in shape at home. Work out whenever it’s convenient for you and get in shape at home. Let’s get started! An interior decorator in Kolkata has compiled a few suggestions for your personalized home gym.

Choose the Best Location

First and foremost, you must choose the optimal location for your best gym. Several individuals like it if you have a basement room, but interior decorators in Kolkata recommend a space linked to the outside. It will be nice to have a space flooded with natural daylight and offers stunning sights outside. You could even make a specialized gym area out of a spare bedroom, a patio or balcony, or even a part of the family room.

Floors and Walls

An interior decorator in Kolkata has already been mentioned. The remaining walls must preferably be covered with white or in pastel creams so that you remain rejuvenated and active and do not become fatigued easily. Utilize washable paint that could quickly wipe if sweaty palm prints occur. Whatever type of flooring you choose, be sure it’s simple to keep tidy.

Make the Lighting Work for You

A well-lit gym is essential. Throughout the day, open the windows and let the natural light stream in. If you require seclusion, an interior decorator in Kolkata can assist you in installing translucent blinds that enable light to pass through even when shut.

Choose the Equipment You’ll Utilize

It’s pointless to stock your gym with high-priced tools that you’re unlikely to utilize. An interior decorator in Kolkata can assist you in designing a workout regimen that includes both cardio and strength training. Consult with a professional trainer, and spend on high, low-maintenance tools.

Install a Big Mirror

Mirrors are found in gyms for a variety of reasons. When you see your improvement, you could engage an interior decorator in Kolkata to build a mirror that will motivate you to exercise consistently. And if you haven’t accomplished any progress, just gazing at yourself would motivate you to become in better shape. You could also check your actions in the mirror to be sure you’re doing them correctly.


In the convenience of your own house, get on the path to health with your bespoke gym designed by an interior company in Kolkata. Daily, plan aside a few minutes for exercising and establish some goals for successful exercises. Contact an interior decorator in Kolkata today for additional home gym design ideas.