Unique Interior Design and Decoration Ideas for Vintage Homes in Kolkata
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Unique Interior Design and Decoration Ideas for Vintage Homes in Kolkata

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that there are two types of people in this internal design field. Type 1 prefers decorating their houses with the modern look, and Type 2 represents those who prefer the vintage or the retro look. Although both of these have their advantages and disadvantages, houses with vintage watches play a significant part for those who have homes of their forefathers.

In the English language, there is a proverb which says that “old is gold”, and this strictly applies to the old houses in Kolkata – that have a vintage look. However, doing interior works that include restoring the vintage look for homes is not as easy as it looks. Hence, for those who are planning to décor their old vintage houses, this post is worth being read. 

We all know India as a country that represents cultures which are regarded as the best in the world. Also, we are known for having kings who possessed traditional or vintage items – that would amplify their decorating ideas. In case you have your house developed in such a way, then keeping the antique places here and there is not a good idea to adopt. The best home interior designers in Kolkata say that there is a unique way to have those items placed – which can amplify the aesthetics.

In case, one is familiar with the Indian culture; they would know how simplicity works in Indian culture. It is the simplicity that makes the vintage house look beautiful and what helps to restore their looks as well. With the advent of technology, one has witnessed many exciting ideas; however, the best interior designers in Kolkata like Spectrum Interior say that there is nothing like simplicity. Given below are some of the most exciting interior design and decoration ideas for vintage houses in Kolkata – that can restore their looks.

Vintage Colour Combination

Using colours of the right combination is extremely important while it comes to restoring the vintage looks of the houses. It would help if you employed a less saturated colour combination for the walls and also consider the item colour as well – while choosing the right colour. You are also welcome to use the correct coloured Persian rug or a vintage centre table to comply with the vintage look and feel.

Using Right Vintage Themes

The topic is significant if you need to make a vintage look. What’s more, subsequently, you may consider relics of times gone by that you were pulled in to. Like for instance, if you preferred the music of antiquated occasions, at that point, you can consider committing a whole space to old music records, banners of the groups, a phonograph and so forth. 

Transform All Suitcases into Vintage Tables 

This is an essential and remarkable plan to make that vintage look in your living territory. If you have vintage bags and you are not utilizing them for any reason, at that point the time has come to do some cleaning and use it like a mid-table or an end table. 

Mix Various Surfaces 

Blending vintage and antique stylistic theme surfaces is an excellent method to add warmth and that old look to your home. Like for instance, you may consider layering a neutral hide carpet over massive Persian floor coverings. At that point, you can keep some silk cushions on the lounge chair in your room. 

Blend and Match 

Something which the home interior designers in Kolkata like while adorning a space is blend and match, and you should attempt this to give your home that vintage look. What you need to do is to blend the vintage furniture in with old fashioned collectables. Like for instance, you may consider keeping a puffy seat in a room and brightening the dividers with some highly contrasting photographs. This is only a thought. If you like it, make one for yours. 

One more thing there is no impulse that on the off chance that you need vintage feels, you will need to utilize vintage items. Indeed, there are things that you should purchase new, like bedding, carpet. 

Utilize Wooden Cartons 

Probably the ideal approaches to make that vintage look are by going for wooden boxes. This is an extraordinary antique home style thought which the interior designers in Kolkata feel each home ought to have. Interestingly, you can utilize the wooden containers for different purposes You can, not merely, use them for holding a few reports in your home office, yet additionally use them as end table and spot that in your gallery or your drawing or lounge room. 

Utilize Your Old Books 

On the off chance that you have old books, at that point make it a highlight add them as a piece of your home stylistic layout rather than merely stacking them someplace since old books give the space a characteristic vintage contact. 

Beginning from keeping 2-3 books finished in your mid-table or eating table or putting some with your old photograph, to more specific things, such as setting the books independently in a shelf, you can utilize the old books to brighten your space in the manner you need to. 

Vintage Designed Covers 

On the off chance that you can’t see vintage furniture or they are as too costly then you can utilize vintage designed covers to conceal the new ones. This will assist you with relaxing the vibe of present-day furniture and inspire that unique vintage beautifying feel. 

Improve the Dividers 

To improve your home in vintage style, you should consider brightening the dividers in vintage fashion. What’s more, in this way, you may have a go at finishing the partitions utilizing every one of those cool highly contrasting photographs, vintage mirrors, old signs, and vintage outlines and so forth Thus, visit your classical neighbourhood store, purchase these stuff and afterwards consolidate them by making a photo exhibition on the dividers of the parlour and different rooms. 

Exploring Different Avenues Regarding Entryways 

Changing the entryways into headboards is one of my number one thoughts among the best vintage home stylistic layout thoughts for Indian homes. You need to fuse and ad-lib and utilize the old vintage entryways in your home by using them as headboards and dump the cutting edge headboards that we get today. If you need that provincial look, at that point, you may even consider painting the old entryways with a similar shade of the furniture in that specific room. 

Utilize the Stepping Tool or Ladder 

If you have an old stepping stool at home, don’t simply discard it since that can be made a piece of the vintage look that you are attempting to make for your home. You can utilize that stepping stool in your washroom to hang towels or make DIY racks for putting away the antique collectables you may have. 

Grandstand the Set of Experiences 

You can add an individual touch to the entire vintage look of your home by basically organizing the assortment of family souvenirs and memorabilia that you have. It looks extraordinary and shows how much pleased you are of your set of experiences. 

Keep things Flawed 

Last yet not least, it is significant for you to realize that if you need to make a simple vintage look in your home, at that point, it is alright to keep things blemished. This is since, in such a case that everything appears to be cleaned and pristine, at that point, regardless of the amount you attempt, you won’t get that precise vintage feel. Along these lines, if your seat has got gouges or if your vintage container has a chip at the base, just let it be. 

Obviously, on the off chance that the harms are excessive, at that point you can go for a fix or recharge the things, yet on the off chance that the blemishes are minor, keep it since that mirrors crafted by time on them which makes everything too regular.