Vastu Requirements West-Facing Home: Shared by Best Interior Designer
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Vastu Requirements for West-Facing Home: Shared by the Best Interior Designers

As per the best interior designer in Kolkata, Vastu Shastra, as we as a whole know, is the science that manages the legitimate situating of objects to guarantee energy in our lives. Vastu has demonstrated to be fundamental regarding bringing satisfaction into our homes and for which its prevalence is expanding step by step. From rooms to restrooms or puja rooms – basic Vastu rules should be followed according to the absolute best astrologers in Kolkata

There is somebody who may be keen on knowing a portion of the essential tips concerning houses pointing toward the north, south, east or west. According to Vastu Shastra, this blog will examine a part of the vital tips and strategies for west-bound homes. 

How to Know Whether Your House is Facing West? 

A straightforward method to know whether your home is confronting the west heading is to remain before your door and check the bearing with an attractive needle. On the off chance that you are facing the west heading, at that point, your home is looking toward that path as well. 

Benefits of a House Facing West Direction 

West-bound houses are ideal for guaranteeing positive energy into our homes as they can guarantee the sunbeams for the most extended hours of the day. Some accept that west-bound houses can bring along more riches and flourishing into our lives – consequently, it is ideal for money managers, educators or lawmakers. 

Vastu Analysis of West Facing Houses 

Negating with the above conviction, others accept that west or north-bound houses bring back karma for us – said the best interior designer in Kolkata. In any case, as indicated by the absolute best Vastu experts in India, on the off chance that you can follow the fundamental Vastu standards – you can likewise make your west-bound houses a propitious living space. There are no principles in Vastu that can express any course to be improper – the primary concern that is significant in the area of your fundamental passageway. 

Best Vastu Tips for West-Facing Houses 

According to the overall investigation, west-bound houses are undeniably appropriate for kids’ room, lounge area, study room, room and puja room. Notwithstanding, it isn’t prescribed to put the washroom, visitor room, young ladies room, and other water bodies west  

Given underneath is an exhaustive examination for west-bound houses according to Vastu Shastra – shared by the best home interior designer in Kolkata:

Position of the Main Door and Windows 

According to Vastu, the mid-west or passageway entryway confronting the northern part is ideal for houses. Nonetheless, it is likewise prescribed to eliminate dustbins close to the principal entrances and incorporate some metallic construction close to them like nameplates or chimes. 

According to windows are concerned, it is constantly prescribed to put them in the northern or the eastern way to improve the progression of energy. 

Bedroom Positioning

According to Vastu, it is constantly prescribed to put the main room the southwest way, which is accepted to fortify your relationship with your accomplice. On the off chance that your home has more than one story, at that point, it is prescribed to put the main room on the most elevated floor to guarantee a positive outcome and amicability. 

Children’s Room Positioning

The house owners should preferably put the spaces for kids in the northwest, west or the southern way – with closets in south/west and entryway in the east. West bearing is accepted to carry energy to the youngsters, which is critical for their examination. 

Living Room Positioning

The house owners should preferably put family rooms in the upper east, northwest, north or eastern bearing. It is likewise prescribed to put any heavy furniture in the room in the west or the southwest course. 

Kitchen Positioning

It isn’t prescribed to put the kitchen in the northeast or southwest heading as it goes about as an awful sign. It very well may be unmistakably positioned in the northeast and southwest course of the house, according to Vastu Shastra.

You can get over the stresses over your west-bound home by following a portion of the tips referenced previously. Aside from that, there are some interior companies in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors who recruits probably the best Vastu specialists to investigate the Vastu factor and whom you can likewise contact before arranging an inside for your home. Inside fashioners can furnish a complete arrangement alongside Vastu Shastra examination, and they merit being considered for such Vastu-accommodating inside setting and execution.