Why Hire the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata for Designing Kid's Room
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Kids Room Design

Why Hire the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata for Designing Kid’s Room

According to the best interior designer in Kolkata, designing a child’s room is not as easy as it seems. It is more than having a Mickey mouse bedsheet on the bed. Children today are exploring the world through the internet and are learning faster than ever, and their rooms should be conducive for their physical and mental development. And yet, it need not be very expensive, and children will also outgrow their furniture, like many other things at this stage. The best interior designer in Kolkata can help you choose the right pieces for a child’s room.

Kid’s Furniture

Nursery furniture is also made in such a manner that it enhance the mental and physical requirements. The baby cots are especially a huge hit with the mothers because they are deep enough, and the child will be unable to climb out from it. They have sturdy bars to let the child hold on to, and they come in a variety of colours like black, white and brown.

For the older kids, there should be bookshelves that would be easy for them to reach and arrange all by themselves. You can also have a bunk bed if there is limited space and you want the room to accommodate more than one kid.

Study Area

Children should have a dedicated study area, and it should comprise a study table, cabinets for holding books and stationery and other knick-knacks. The study area should be placed in a well-lighted corner, preferably by the window.

It should also be fitted with bright artificial lights for study post evening, but the lights should be soothing and not glaring. There should be a chest of drawers in various sizes that can be used to hold all the essential items within easy reach.

Play Area

Children’s play area at home should have a concept behind it. It is not just about having a corner to stow away the toys. Children should be able to explore physical and mental endurance through various kinds of play activities.

There can be a small climbing area and a section dedicated to pursuing their hobbies, like an art and craft counter or an area to sit and play any musical instruments. The best interior designer in Kolkata can help you design separate sections even in a seemingly small space.

Paint Color

Gone are the days when a boy’s room would be painted blue, and a girl’s room would be painted pink, and that was it. Today, there are multiple options you can choose from to turn your child’s room into a fantasyland. Paint the ceiling like the galaxy, or turn the walls like the interiors of the castles they read in their book. You can take inspiration from the animal kingdom for more ideas, and the children will love them.

Children should feel safe in their environment and should be free to become the best version of themselves. A well-designed room that caters to their needs in the various stages of their lives helps them grow into responsible and resourceful individuals. Hire a home interior designer in Kolkata to turn your child’s room into the best place they would ever want to be in.